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Who I am and what I'm doing? That I also ask myself. I was born and grew up in Odessa (Ukraine), now I live in Berlin.


I do a lot of things. I'm a blogger as well, I can even say that I'm a journalist. I work as a stylist to help people to look nicely, because I like everything what is beautiful. I make clothes and accessories. I work in a cooperation with film making companies and photographers. I do photographing as well. The recycling idea is very important for me that's why I pay a lot of attention creating my art peaces to recycling. All my projects are mostly dedicated to that. I create my art books from old magazines or other paper waste. My brooches, bags, muffs and scarfs are made from second hand or vintage materials. All my designs are for people who want to be themselves not to be a copy of somebody else, that's why everything what I do is unique in the single one copy. So that's what I can tell about Aniri Kintevs.

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